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What should you not do when moving a piano?

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Moving a piano is no small feat. These majestic instruments are heavy but also delicate and valuable. Often, individuals are tempted to take on this daunting task themselves, underestimating the complexities involved. This article delves into the pitfalls of DIY piano moving and underscores the importance of professional assistance, focusing on expert involvement’s positive aspects and advantages.


Understanding the Risks of DIY Piano Moving

The first rule of thumb when moving a piano is understanding what not to do. The physical risks involved in moving such a heavy object are significant. DIY efforts often lead to back strains, smashed fingers, and even more severe injuries. Moreover, the risk of damaging the piano is high. A single wrong move can lead to costly repairs or irreversible damage. It’s also important to consider the potential harm to your property – scratched floors, dented walls, and the like are common in DIY moves.

Many people believe that moving a piano is manageable with enough hands and a rental truck. This misconception overlooks the specialized knowledge required to maneuver pianos through tight spaces, safely transport them, and address their vulnerabilities.


The Importance of Professional Piano Movers

Professional piano movers bring more than just muscle to the table. These experts have years of experience and understand the intricacies of moving different types of pianos. They come equipped with specialized tools such as piano dollies, ramps, and straps explicitly designed for securely moving pianos. Professionals are adept at assessing the situation, from the piano’s size and weight to the layout of your home and devising a safe moving plan.


Advantages of Hiring Professional Piano Movers

Hiring professionals offers numerous advantages. The most obvious is safety. Professional movers know how to lift and transport pianos without risking injury to themselves or others. They also ensure the piano’s safety, drastically reducing the risk of damage.

Time efficiency is another significant advantage. Professionals can accomplish what might take you an entire day or more in a few hours. This convenience is invaluable, especially when dealing with other moving aspects.

Insurance is a critical factor. Professional movers often provide insurance coverage for the move, offering peace of mind that you won’t find with a DIY approach. If anything goes wrong, you’re covered.


Preparing for the Move – The Role of the Piano Owner

While professionals will handle the heavy lifting, piano owners have a role in preparing for the move. Ensuring the piano is closed and locked and removing loose items from the top is essential. Preparing the moving path by clearing obstacles, securing rugs, and ensuring doors are wide enough facilitates a smoother move.

Open communication with your movers is crucial. Inform them of any peculiarities about your piano or home layout that might impact the move.



In conclusion, the risks and challenges associated with moving a piano make it a task best left to professionals. Their expertise, experience, and equipment are essential for ensuring the piano’s safety and the people moving it. By entrusting this task to professionals, you protect your investment and save yourself time, stress, and potential injury.

In a world where DIY solutions are often celebrated, it’s important to recognize when professional assistance is beneficial and necessary. When moving a piano, professional involvement is the key to preserving the integrity and value of your cherished instrument.


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Consider hiring professional piano movers if you plan a move and have a piano. Do your research, ask for recommendations, and choose an experienced and well-reviewed company. Your piano is more than just an object; it’s an investment, a piece of history, and, most importantly, a source of joy and music. Give it the care and respect it deserves by ensuring it’s moved safely and professionally.


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January 10, 2024 10:05 pm