Moving Checklist – RJ’s Movers

Compact Packing

Packing Tips

RJ’s Moving has expert packers that can be arranged to pack your entire household, one or two rooms, or if you run out of time before your move and need a little extra help. If you choose to do your own packing, here are some professional tips to get you on your way.


Pack one room at a time


Pack a couple cartons a day, starting well ahead of the move.


Clearly mark all boxes, designating the room it will go in to and the contents of the box.


Pack as much as you can in boxes. The more ‘loose’ stuff that we move the more time it will take on your move. Try to pack everything so its just ‘furniture and boxes’


Avoid small boxes such as liquor boxes. Even though they are free, they will take longer to move. You will end up with many more boxes and generally they are not packed as well.


Books should be packed laying flat. A 1.5 or 2 cubic foot box is perfect for this and as well as small, heavier items such as canned goods. CD’s, DVD’s, and records should be packed on their edge.


A 4 cubic foot box is great for pots and pans, and other lighter items including small appliances. For linens, pillows, lampshades, and other large items, you should use a 5 cubic foot box.


China Barrels are best when packing dishes and china. Pack dishes on their edges. Cushion the bottom of the box with rolled pieces of packing paper, and start with heavier dishes like plates, and cooking ware. Add more paper making a layer over top and then start with cups and mugs standing upside down. Stemware should be packed at the top of the box with stems up.


Do not leave cartons half empty (as it could crush) or flowing over (they won’t stack well in the truck).


Freezers – try to use up most of the frozen food. If there is remaining food, place it in bags or boxes in the freezer until it is ready to be moved. If moving long distance, empty, unplug and defrost freezer 2 days before your move. REMEMBER – do not plug your freezer in for 4-8 hours after it has been moved.


Pictures that are small should be wrapped in paper and placed on their edges in boxes. (DO NOT LAY FLAT) Larger pictures should be wrapped in bubble wrap and/or in a mirror/picture carton.


Clothing – upon request, we will supply you with wardrobes at NO additional charge for you to use on your moving day. Simply notify us of how many you require (1 wardrobe is required for every 2ft of hanging clothes), and we will bring them on the day of the move.


Lamps and shades must be packed separately in boxes and clearly marked. Do not stack silk shades inside one another as they will most likely rip.


Do not fold (beer box) carton lids, tape them instead.


SAFELY DISPOSE OF ALL FLAMMABLES. Discard partially used cans and bottles of liquids. Household goods carriers are prohibited by law from transporting dangerous goods including firearms, ammunition, flammables, paint, aerosols, gas cans, and items with gas still in them (lawnmowers, snow blowers etc.), propane tanks, oily rags, and bleach.


Boxes and packing supplies can be found here.

Moving Tips

Try to avoid end of months (particularly in June, July, and August) if possible – all movers are stretched beyond their limits at that time and even truck rental firms are short of equipment. If you must move at a month end, make your moving arrangements early, (6 to 8 weeks prior to move date if possible).


Try to avoid moving into your new home on your “closing” day. Sometimes there are delays in the closing or the former owners may be late moving out. There’s nothing worse than having the moving truck sitting idle, running up extra charges.


If you are doing some/all of your own packing, arrange to get started well in advance of the move. Packing is much harder work than most people realize and unless you do it for a living it will take you longer than you expect.


You can leave lightweight items (such as linens) in dresser drawers but do not put books, pictures or other heavy items in them. Be sure to remove valuables like jewelry, money and fragile items including bottles of perfume.


Always allow yourself lots of time to arrange your move so you end up with the company you want.


If you are moving from a building requiring an elevator, it is your responsibility to ensure that an elevator has been reserved for your move. This should be done at the same time you book your move.


Make sure appliances are clean, empty, disconnected, and ready to move.


Remove propane tanks from barbecues.


Empty gasoline from lawnmowers, etc.