Boxes and Packing Supplies in London, Ontario

We have a large assortment of moving and packing supplies to choose from.


Need a large quantity? Free local delivery on orders over $50.00. ALL unused materials are fully refundable.


China Barrel 18″x18″x28″Double walled for extra strength and protection of dishes.$12.50
X-Large 5 CU box 18″x18″x27″ highLinens, toys, Tupperware, bulky items$4.75
Large 4 CU box 18″x18″x21″ highPots & Pans, small appliances, and other lighter items.$4.25
Medium 3.1 CU box 18″x18″x16″ highThe ‘just about anything’ box.$3.50
Small 2 CU Box 18”x12”x16” highCD’s, DVD’s, books, canned goods$2.85
X-Small 1.5 CU Box 16″x12″x12″highCD’s, DVD’s, Books, canned goods$2.55
File boxFiles, books$4.50
Small Mirror / Picture Box
Mirror boxDimensions: 37″x4″x27″You can use 2 of these to make a box 37”x4”x54”$9.55
Large Mirror / Picture Box
Mirror moving boxDimensions: 42″x4″x34″$10.95
Wardrobe Boxes
Wardrobe boxFits 2ft of hanging closet space24″x20″x46″ high(free 1 day rental if moving with us)$22.00 (includes bar)
Mattress Bags
Mattress bagTo protect your mattress from becoming dirty
Metal Pistol Grip Tape Gun
Metal Pistol Grip Tape Gunserrated replaceable blade for easy cuttingsafety sealer3″ mandrel
adjustable brake
professional model holds 2″ roll of tape
Packing Paper
Packing PaperPlain, white, pre-cut for packing dishes & fragile 24” x 36”
5 lbs$11.00
10 lbs$18.50
25 lbs$37.50
Bubble Wrap (4ft wide)1/2 “ bubbles, great for pictures$20.00/20ft
Bubble wrap (2ft wide)3/16” bubbles, great for smaller fragile items.$10.00/20ft
Tape (100 metres)3” wide clear$4.50
Used Boxes(Subject to Availability)$1.00