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What Not to Take on a Long-Distance Move?

July 30, 2023 7:14 am Published by

A new destination move gives pause to consider what not to take on a long-distance move. How many of your old life objects do you want to move to your new life? You can save money and start fresh with a downsized slate if you wish.


A move is always exciting. While ideas for your new space are great to imagine, it may also be helpful to pack fewer pieces in anticipation of an easier move. RJ’s Movers has years of experience moving people and their things, and we know many people choose to leave behind more oversized items that may not suit their new space.


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What typical items are not what to take on a long-distance move?


  • Older furniture items whose newer versions may positively impact their new home. For example, older sofas and mattresses can be sold in anticipation of a fresh style.
  • Existing appliances are often left for the new buyer when you’re selling your current home.
  • Purged clothing and other things. A move is always an opportunity to clean. Clothing, outdated or broken furniture, collectables that no longer hold an allure and unused kid toys should be eliminated. 
  • Storage unit items. You may pay monthly money to store family relics you feel cannot be thrown away. But they can be. Ask the millions of people like you who eventually realize no one wants that furniture style. Save money instead of spending it to move it to another city’s storage locker.
  • Garage stuff is similar to storage unit objects. Some of us tend to relegate things that we’d rather not think about to the purgatory space in the back of the garage. 
  • Your vehicle. Many of us move to a large city where parking comes with exorbitant fees. A new move may be the impetus to removing the considerable cost of insurance, upkeep and parking by selling your car before you move. (Or after, if you feel you’ll have time.)
  • Gardening equipment. Unless you immediately move to a home where you’ll use that shovel, rake and spade, it is better to sell them or give them to someone who will appreciate them.


On a long-distance move, are there items that should stay with you until you arrive at your new home?

  • Whether you keep some things with you in your vehicle will depend on the distance of your move, your needs, and your wants.
  • Pets definitely travel with you. And so will all of their necessary bits, pieces, food, litter, and medications.
  • Some extra clothes should be kept with you. Depending on the weather, boots or extra mitts will be a good idea, especially if you have kids.
  • Any medications should travel with you. Accessing things on the truck might be very difficult if the weather suddenly turns bad and increases the trip time.

Important paperwork and irreplaceable things. You may want these things to remain with you.


How can you save money on moving and storage expenses? Decide early what not to take with you, and stick to the plan.

You can acknowledge these tendencies of shifting unwanted items to other storage places outside the four walls of our homes as a habit. It ends with repetitive adverse, time-consuming outcomes every time. 

  • Good intentions to assess the worthiness of a stored piece are mostly shelved until it remains pushed aside with the rest.
  • After years of disuse and accumulation of dirt, it becomes more palpable to rid yourself of its existence. However, any of its value as a saleable item in its original state is now degraded to having no purpose other than as another piece in the landfill. 
  • Remove the temporary storage step for a healthier, cleaner, more efficient, and money-making lifestyle.

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July 30, 2023 7:14 am