What is Considered a Long Distance Move?

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What is considered a long-distance move can mean different things to different moving companies. In Ontario, RJ’s Movers uses the same parameters to move you long distances anywhere in the province as we do to quote a local London move. In other words, you will pay $1/km plus a set hourly amount per mover, whether you move across town or the province. The rate will never go up, no matter your destination. 

Does a long-distance move cost more? 

Some moving companies prefer local moves only; they favour availability for local moves. Therefore, they may add a destination charge for a move beyond a certain radius outside their hometown. 

A larger company like RJ’s, with a more extensive employee and operation base, can more easily handle long-distance moves at any time.


RJ’s Movers began our high-quality moving services in 1969. In 2023, we continue our family’s dedication to our customers, the best part of our business. 

RJ’s quickly moves you wherever you are going, locally or a longer distance, anywhere in Ontario. Contact us at (519) 453 0768 or online. 


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How far is considered a long-distance move?

 A distance beyond a 100-mile radius in Ontario is considered a long-distance move. However, RJ’s makes no distinction between a local move and a long-distance move. You simply pay the same rate for each kilometre we travel.


How many services do you need from your mover?



How you make your long-distance move easier – a moving pep-talk.

Start as soon as possible to get you and your family into packing, purging, and preparing for your move.

  • Psychologically, seeing a packed and taped box does wonders to inspire you to continue on. 
  • Moving is about new beginnings, hence the excitement of moving and ridding yourself of those things you can let go of—the anticipation of new horizons and interiors can instigate new points of view and promises.
  • And the newness, the optimism you exude about your new beginnings, is what movers love. We sense your excitement and anticipate your concerns. We genuinely want to be part of the buoyancy of your new start. 
  • The hopefulness of a new home will encourage you to pack and purge.
  • Tackle packing a little bit every day. Put an empty box in every room, along with a black marker.
  • Take an upcoming move as an opportunity to throw out or sell articles that you know you’ll never use again.
  • Start early if you want to sell pieces online; although easy to do, many of us are selling our stuff, and it can sometimes be a slow process.
  • A particular vintage of furniture has no future in anyone’s home. Add these pieces to a landfill or give them away. They’ll never come back in fashion, and that’s ok. Make your life easier and let them go.


You must be ruthless if your move is one of deliberate downsizing to accommodate smaller digs.

  • Everyone who downsizes goes through a few reductions. In the beginning, we hold on to our familiar former life pieces. 
  • After three or four downsizing, you are left with your very favourite pieces that have missed each paring down, which is exactly as it should be.


A long-distance office move or long-distance residential move should be done by professionals. 

Knowing the approximate number of boxes and a general list of what we’ll be moving for you will help us provide you with a proper quote. 

Remember, movers must love what they do; otherwise, why on earth would we heft other people’s things all over the province?


We look forward to helping you whenever you need us.


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