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Is it OK to move a piano yourself?

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When faced with moving a piano, you might be tempted to rally a group of friends, rent a moving truck, and take on the challenge yourself. However, the nuances of piano moving often escape the untrained eye. Moving a piano is not a DIY job— it is a task for professionals. This article delves into why enlisting professional help is not just a recommendation but a necessity.

Understanding the Risks of DIY Piano Moving

The physical risks associated with moving a piano cannot be overstated. Pianos are lighter; they are unwieldy. The weight distribution in a piano is far from even, making the task of moving one without experience akin to juggling chainsaws—you might pull it off, but it’s perilous. The risk of injury due to lifting, twisting, or dropping is significant.

Aside from the danger to oneself and one’s helpers, the piano is at stake. The instrument’s exterior is susceptible to scratches and dents, while the interior — a complex array of strings, hammers, and keys — can suffer damage from jarring movements. This is not to mention the possible harm to your property; navigating a bulky instrument through hallways and doorways can easily result in a dented wall or a scratched floor, potentially turning your cost-saving exercise into an expensive fix.

The Complexity of a Piano

Pianos are intricate. They aren’t simply furniture but finely tuned instruments with thousands of moving parts. Even a tiny drop or knock can knock a piano out of tune or damage the action, the part of the piano that transfers the motion of the keys to the hammers that strike the strings. The weight and size of pianos vary; a grand piano can weigh up to 1,200 pounds, and an upright piano can weigh around 300 pounds. Each type poses different challenges; a grand piano, for example, often requires partial disassembly before moving.

The Expertise of Professional Piano Movers

Professional piano movers come armed with specialized knowledge, tools, and materials. They have skids, moving pads, ramps, slings, and the experience to use them efficiently. They understand how to balance a piano and navigate it through tight spaces without compromising its structural integrity or its safety. Their experience cannot be replicated by watching tutorials or reading manuals. Professional movers are adept at avoiding mishaps that might only occur to a novice once they happen.

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

The costs of moving a piano yourself can quickly add up. Rental fees for the right equipment, potential property damage, and the significant risk of injury can surpass the cost of hiring professionals. Consider the long-term implications: any damage to your piano could result in expensive repairs that far exceed the initial cost of professional movers. Furthermore, improper handling can depreciate the value of your piano and its performance quality.

Preparing for the Move: The Professional Approach

Professional piano movers begin with an assessment. They plan their approach, considering the piano’s size, the travel path, and potential obstacles. When the moving day arrives, they execute this plan precisely, ensuring that every step, from lifting the piano to securing it in the moving truck, is done with care and strategy. This thorough approach minimizes risk and ensures the piano’s safety and everyone involved.

Real-life Scenarios and Testimonials

The difference between a successful move and a regrettable one often lies in the decision to hire professionals. Testimonials from satisfied customers often highlight the peace of mind that comes with knowing experienced movers are handling their valuable instruments. On the flip side, the internet is replete with cautionary tales from those who decided to go it alone — stories of minor mishaps to catastrophic damage that serve as sober reminders of what’s at stake.


As we’ve outlined, moving a piano is risky — to the movers, the piano, and the surrounding property. It’s a complex task requiring expertise, specialized equipment, and experience. While the upfront cost of hiring professional movers might seem like a luxury, it is a prudent investment when weighed against the potential for injury, damage, and the consequent expenses these could incur.


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November 8, 2023 6:32 pm